Bed & Breakfast in Beaver, PA

Relax and unwind at Beaver, Pennsylvania’s most enchanting B & B and luxurious lodging accommodations. Felicity Farms brings you through time, from the beginning of its majestic history, to the present day with modern amenities and luxuries. With courteous service, eight and a half acres of gorgeous countryside, comfortable rooms, stylish décor and close proximity to downtown Pittsburgh, Felicity Farms gives you everything you need and more for a relaxing retreat.

The storied history of Felicity Farms begins in 1786 with the construction of this extraordinary building. Much of the building’s fascinating architecture and centuries-old design elements still exist, as they have been carefully maintained and restored over the years. The farm was passed down from family to family until it passed to the Purdy family and was purchased by Gertrude Barrett in 1905. Three years later she had the house carefully moved from its original site to where it now sits on the exquisite hillside farm. Mrs. Barrett also added a bedroom, office, kitchen and the two sunny porches to the outside. In 1936, the property passed to Mrs. Barrett’s daughter and her husband, and they made the final addition to the house and refurbished the verandas to the beautiful, polished state they are in today. In 1997, Anne Mayerich bought the property and added the finishing touches, creating the gorgeous French country décor and uniting Felicity Farm’s historic roots with its warm, welcoming place as a B&B.

Visit the photo gallery to see the majestic grounds and take a look at each room. Call 724-775-0735 or send us a message to reserve your room today.