Bed & Breakfast in Beaver, PA

Welcome! Nestled comfortably in Beaver, PA, Felicity Farms is your calmer home away from home. As the premier B&B throughout the entire region, Felicity Farms offers lodging, daily accommodations, and charming amenities to ensure that every family is well cared for.

So many of our customers prefer to think of Felicity Farms as a bridge between home and the quiet of a newfound escape. That’s why over the years our property has become known for being a quaint vacation spot, perfect for bringing family and friends together for a serene stay. With spacious rooms and an elegant country charm, Felicity Farms is ideal for any family, couple or individual seeking warm hospitality and personal service.

Wake up with the sun and start planning your day from the panoramic view of our wrap-around veranda. Then, start your vacation or business trip off right with a hot and fresh home-cooked breakfast. This is the Felicity Farms way.

Influenced by the neighboring historic location of downtown Pittsburgh, our property comes equipped with classic and modern comforts. When you’re not eating breakfast cooked straight off our stovetop, you’ll be able to relax in a room lush with wide space, a sizable bed, TV, wireless internet, a private bath and even a private fireplace. Our only house rule: choose the room that best suits your taste.

Felicity Farm’s sprawling scenery and decor underscores the simple allure of the country, while providing easy access to neighboring cityscapes. It’s everything in one, and we cordially invite you to be our guest at any time. For more information about how to book your stay, please contact Felicity Farms B&B today!